Nokia World 2011 and why I’d ‘love’ to go.


So much to say; such little space.

Nokia recently partnered with Microsoft to have them as a hardware manufacturer and possibly rollout their new devices running on Windows Phone 7. This news shocked the world. Albeit it had heads turning and the tech crowds murmuring on who would benefit and where the marriage was likely to fall through. So far so good. The wedding still looks good from here with both parties enjoying good benefits from this.

I am a big fan of Nokia. Why? Well, they’re reliable and give room for innovation. Personally, I own quite a number of Nokia handsets. My very first was a Nokia 8210 that was a hand-me-down from the old man quite a few years back. It had seen better days and went straight to the ‘We Recycle’ promotion Nokia had globally. My current phone is the Nokia C7-00 that @Oyolla (GM for Nokia in the region) gave me for my pitch on my favourite Nokia app a few months back, a Nokia C2-00 which was the first dual SIM Nokia phone in the Kenyan market, a Nokia X2-01 which I loaned a friend after he has carjacked and robbed of his phones (he later conveniently refused to give it back to me), a Nokia E6 and a Nokia 2116 which I use as an office line for my small growing business (and side jobs).

Apart from that, I have used both the Nokia N8 and the Nokia E7 but the former was the better one for me. On a trip to the Maasai Mara last year, a group of us got lost in the Narok back country roads but used the Ovi Maps on it to navigate our way back to the highway and subsequently to our hotel, the Fairmont Mara. I shot many pictures and videos of dances and wildlife with that device. The N8 is a camera with a phone, and not vice versaJ. I also have a pair of Nokia MD-9 speakers that make a lot of sense during the silent nights there.

Recently during our Nokia Happy Hour events at the Sierra Bar at Yaya, Ken brought along a friend, this friend is the Nokia N9; possibly the first in Africa and boy is this babe a stunner. I quickly nicknamed her Swipe Baby because the swipe motion is all you need to get her moving. Many (I included) would have nicked that device save for his constant sweep through the room to make sure we were still within eyeshot and arms’ length just for security purposes.

Another good one is the Nokia600 prototype I got my hands on a few weeks back too. Amazing device. Quick responses, better than most camera and Symbian Anna. Pretty stable. Rumoured to be the thinnest smartphone in the market.

Find a recent Twitpic of part of my Nokia collection at home.

I would love to go for the Nokia World 2011 event and meet all the people who have so far managed to make my Nokia Experience incredible.

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