30,000USD & San Francisco to Game Dev MeetUp! All for HTML5.

pokki_html5_challenge_on_juuchiniAre you a HTML code-guru? Here is a chance to win a great deal of money and possibly a trip to San Francisco to meet some of the world’s greatest game developers.

The New Year brings with it some good tidings in the name of a Pokki developer contest.

A participant stands a chance to win a cool 30 thousand US Dollars and an all expenses paid trip to the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next in 2012.

All you have to do is build a new game in HTML5 and other Web technologies (but not using any Flash) and have it approved at the Pokki store before the end of the day February 20, 2012. Games will be judged by a panel of game development managers on gameplay, appeal, polish and overall graphics and sound.

The panel of judges will include:

  1. Lawrence Koh – GM of The GodFather
  2. Erik Brudvig – Director of Editorial Insights at EEDAR
  3. Kim Swift – Project Lead at AirTight
  4. Jason Ostresh – EA Sports Producer (Tiburon)

Besides the first prize mentioned above, there is a 2nd and 3rd prizes (without a trip though) of 13,000 US Dollars and 7,000 US Dollars.

More about the contest on the Pokki website.

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