Web bandwagon trends for 2012.

web_bandwagon_trends_for_2012Online Gaming: Online games will be big in 2012. Sure consoles will still be in existence and hugely popular at that, but so will games played over the internet. The only difference is that the ones on the internet will be so huge that soon consoles will begin to be obsolete. (Who wants to wait for a Game DVD to be delivered when you can buy, install and game online right from your PC? Answer: Very few.)

 Web development: Anyone doing web development will have to learn from CSS 3 upwards and HTML5 as well. Liquid graphics are in. Beach-side hotels want a website with a wave crashing in the background. They want liquefied tabs. They want to smell the humid salty air that hit their face when they visited Diani last holiday season. Make the website an experience that will sell the dream.

Chrome to run on Android devices: Currently, Chrome runs well on Desktop and particularly well at that. It is not a memory hog like some other browsers and is good on functionality such as Bookmark handling and password keeping. Only issue is that you lose some of this on the installation on mobile. Google are making changes on this though. Expect something better on all devices, including non-Android devices like iPads.

Better web navigation on mobile:  If you are not on mobile, then you are not thinking long-term. Or so the saying goes. Every website will be available on Mobile. There will be a growth in mobile themes for practically all content management systems (CMSs) to enable easy navigation, easy use and the clicks will now largely be generated on mobile browsers. Guys like BlackBerry and doing well in creating liquid graphics interfaces for their newer Operating Systems like BB OS 7 and definitely BBX too in the long run.

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