Top 4 things to do on Twitter regardless of Time.


Here is a list of things you should do on Twitter of you are really pressed for time.

1. Put up some awesome tweets

Find a list of awesome tweets that you may have hoarded somewhere within your day and post them to Twitter. This will hopefully get a retweet or two and build on your Klout and credibility while building great content from you.


2. Reply to tweets

Use about 10 minutes to engage other users on twitter and reply to pressing matters on the same. This is the best way to create a good rapport and ensure that your followers are not going to refer to you as a snob. You could also use this opportunity to follow up on some business referrals that may have been sent your way on the Social networks.


3. Follow some social influencers

Look for people who continuously churn out interesting tweets and more-so tweets in a related field and follow them. If your area of interest is cooking, go on ahead and look for Chef Gordon Ramsey and other guys who are great in the kitchen. If your aim is to follow issues on the stocks exchange and more importantly Kenya’s stock exchange, follow @SokoAnalyst, @coldtusker, @genghiscapital and @henrygithaiga. Their tweets will definitely interest you.


4. Unfollow irrelevant twats

Let’s face it. Some of us are the kind of people who go around collecting followers like trinkets or sea shells by the sea shore. Do yourself a favour, look for that one person who clogs up your timeline with irrelevant and in-bad-taste material and unfollow them. Call it what you want but the best description is not having to forego reading a tweet that could have improved your life by reading this useless tweet. Come on, grow a pair. And press that unfollow button.

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