Intel Capital to invest $100Million solely on automotive Technology.

connected car technology innovation
Image Courtesy Forbes Online

Think of a car. 

Think of a phone. 

Now picture the two together as one connected-and-integrated object.

This is the future. Well obviously.

Imagine a world where you jump into your car and immediately you do so, the car can read the weather, the traffic situation on your normal route (God Bless the New Thika Road), your mood and even other cars. 

  1. Intel Capital creates a $100 million Intel Capital Connected Car Fund to accelerate technology innovation in the automotive industry.
  2. Intel Capital Connected Car Fund targeted at technologies that will deliver new in-vehicle infotainment solutions, seamless mobile connectivity, compelling applications and advanced driver assistance systems.
  3. By 2014, automobiles will be among the top three fastest-growing market segments for connected devices and Internet content.

Intel Capital, the Investment arm of Intel Corporation, has announced that they will invest a hefty 100 Million USD to help accelerate innovation and the adoption of new technology and services in the automotive industry. Intel Capital is the first global technology investment organization headquartered in Silicon Valley to announce a dedicated focus on cars and improving technology associated with cars. No-one, not even Google has done so thus far.

The Intel Capital Connected Car Fund will be invested globally over the next 4 to 5 years in hardware, software and services companies developing technologies to promote new, compelling in-vehicle applications and enable the seamless connection between vehicles and any connected device, including mobile devices and sensors.

Intel Executive Vice president who doubles up as the president of Intel Capital, Arvind Sodhani, says, “Technology has become an integral component of everyday life, with consumers demanding uninterrupted access to the Internet and the constant flow of information, news, entertainment, and social media. Automobiles must be able to provide these same consistent and engaging computing experiences, but in a safe manner. The Intel Capital Connected Car Fund will drive the development of technologies to enhance the in-vehicle experience of the future.”

Kind of like a car that can think and do based on moods, weather, transport infrastructures and even other vehicles. This provides the driver, hereby possibly to be known as the ‘user’, additional services such as real-time traffic information metrics to optimize time used for business output. This car is so innovative and clever that it even takes initiative to educate you and your passengers on safety while implementing.

Staci Palmer, General Manager of Intel’s Automotive Solutions Division, says “The car is the ultimate mobile device. By 2014, automobiles will be among the top three fastest-growing areas for connected devices and Internet content. Intel’s experience in developing personal computing, software, security and cloud computing technologies will bring a new level of innovation to the car to enhance the driving experience for both drivers and passengers.”

Areas of investment for this Connected Car Fund will include in-vehicle infotainment, advanced driver assistance systems and seamless mobile connectivity. Ofcourse this includes tons of Apps and Tools that greatly improve he automotive experience. Future investments in these car technologies will innovate along the lines of speech recognition, gesture recognition and eye tracking optimized for the connected car.

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