Track spending with Nokia’s Expense manager App.

wallet with cash and credit cards”When are saloz checking in?”  – That is the question on almost everyone’s mind at the end of a long month where the days seem to last longer than the money in our bank accounts. It normally follows a splurge-full spending during the month after having indulged in one too many the nyama-choma plan or shopping trip to ‘reward self after working so hard’. In an economy where jobs are no longer really assured with each passing month, it is rather important to account for all the coins you put out there as routine and non-routine spend.

All the unscheduled coffee and then a random movie plan with friends, ‘let’s do nyama since its Friday,’ ‘Wow, I’ve gotta have this bag now-now’ should be shelved until when you have actually put them in your budget. This is what is called responsible expense tracking.

With the new Expense Manager app, you can now keep track of your spending habits and better plan your monthly budget. The app is developed and powered by Shimba Technologies and is available for download in the Nokia Ovi Store. Once you launch the app, you are taken to the main screen, which has a tab for expenses and a guide.

When you tap the expenses tab to add a new expense it prompts you to create a category for it and you can add as many categories as you want depending on your expense. For example, if you are going shopping for your groceries, you can create a category with the same name and under it; you will list all the items you are buying as well as their costs.

The Expense Manager app breaks down your expenditure on a monthly basis and to view your past expenses or add a new expense, all you need to do swipe either to the right or left depending the month you want to view. Depending on how often you key in your expenses, it will allow you to gauge your spending habits over a number of months. This helps you identify times when you either go over your intended spending budget and helps guide personal spending in the coming months.

So this time round, you owe it to yourself to plan your budget spend for the month and keep track of your expenses with the help of the Expense Manager App. If you’re one of those people that are always saying “I am broke” before the month is even at its mid, then this is something that you owe it to yourself to download.

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