Who won the Lenovo Ultrabook?

Intel Ultrabook Lenovo U Series U300sLadies and Gentlemen, we finally have a winner.

After days and days (and 178 comments later) on this article, the jury if finally in on the winner of the prestigious Ultrabook worth a cool 100,000 Kenyan Bob.

So we took all the comments, tallied them and sought on a journey to find the best comment based on our criteria we posted on the article itself.

So, drum-roll please… *durum durum durum durum durum durum tsss…..*


The winner is this participant below:















You can very well see she did more than one comment to highlight her cause and trouble she was going through which won the judges’ hearts.

Intel very well came to Esther Kerina’s help in her time of need.

Big round of applause for Esther. Wish you God Speed in your school work. Contact me on Email Murage and I shall advise on how to collect your prize.

Thank you to everyone who commented and tweeted. Thank you.

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