East Africans shine at Google Apps Developer Challenge Semis

Google Apps Developer Conference

Google had earlier announced that they were hosting a Google Apps competition that would help devs worldwide consolidate ideas by finding new ways to use Google Apps and Google Drive via APIs. We blogged about it here. Successful applicants would stand to win a 20,000 USD (1.7 Million KES) bounty. *GAG* Participants were expected to deliver apps in the following categories:

  • Enterprise / Small Business Solutions
  • Social / Personal Productivity / Games / Fun
  • Not-for-Profit: Education / Water / Food & Hunger / Health

PS: Kenya had the highest number of qualifying Apps: #ProudlyKenyan
These are the winners by country:


  1. Daro –Swahili slang for ‘class’, is a simple app for managing a classroom
  2. QuizerApp,  – App that makes revision easier and fun in Kenyan classrooms (and tutors as well
  3. Integrated Project Manager –  A task manager implemented as a chrome extension and integrates with Google Tasks and Google Calendar
  4. Tunebanda  – An easy-to-use music player application for Google Drive
  5. Tokelezea – A social event check-in and management application


  1. DocTracker – A managing system for incoming and outgoing office document records
  2. Dextop – Lightweight Desktop Virtual portal to your cloud-based applications.
  3. Daktari – As the name suggests, it is a an app that helps patients locate and interact with doctors easily.
  4.  Remindme – A location-based reminder service


  1. Form+ -A web app that shows the power of Google Drive on forms.
  2. Ludo Game – An online multiplayer Ludo board game
  3. DoctorPlus – Non-profit online medical service aimed at leveraging the on the Google Apps platform to provide the minimal infrastructure needed


  1. Open Docs Hub – A document sharing open source platform that leverages the power of Google Drive
  2. BabiEvents – Web app that allows one to know the events that take place in the Ivory Coast; sort of like a localized event-brite.


  1. Prep-hub -Web app that gives access to past examination papers for prepping students to use and encourages collaboration between them as they study for exams
  2. Realinx – Easy ways to organize information according their relationships. i.e. how documents are related to each other
  3. Identichip – Engine that allows users to search for information about a tag/microchip on the web


  1. Open Drive – Collective encyclopedia project based on Google Drive’s public files. Has elements of crowd sharing and crowd sourcing.


  1. I-Organize – Organizational tool to be used to organize files categorically on a drive.


  1. Fist Drive – mobile, cloud file sharing application for Google Drive


  1. NomiaPro  – web app that helps organize conference delegates (Like Matt Biddulph’s Lanyrd)
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