BlackBerry 10K Developer Commitment

BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha 10K CommitmentBlackBerry wants your App: Yes they Do. And you will get good rewards from it.

Do you think you have what it takes? Are you ready to show us what you got? It is quite simple really. Just create a BlackBerry® 10 app and get it approved through the Built for BlackBerry® program. If you earn a minimum of 1,000 USD from your app over 12 months on the BlackBerry AppWorld and you comply with the 10k Developer Commitment Terms and Conditions.

Some of the criteria for your App are:

Submission – Applications submitted to the Built for BlackBerry® program will be subject to a range of tests and evaluations which they must pass before receiving the Built for BlackBerry designation.

The Built for BlackBerry evaluation process begins after your app has successfully passed the BlackBerry App World™ Vendor Guidelines. Once submitted for Built for BlackBerry approval, your app will be reviewed by a testing team under the following criteria: User Benefits, User Experience, Performance and Security.

Tools – Your app needs to be developed using tools designed specifically for BlackBerry® 10. These include IDEs or Frameworks that will compile an application that runs as an AIR, Native or WebWorks™ based BlackBerry 10 application.

Examples include:

1. BlackBerry® 10 AIR SDK

2. BlackBerry® 10 Native SDK

3. BlackBerry® 10 WebWorks™ SDK

Additional Frameworks such as PhoneGap and Appcelerator will be considered as long as they meet BlackBerry 10 UI guidelines and other Built for BlackBerry criteria.

So here’s the fun part. If you are able to push downloads of about 1,000 USD from your App downloads, RIM will pay the difference between your earnings and $10,000 USD for that App. That means that if your App earns 2,000 USD, BlackBerry should top up with 8,000 USD. Just incase you are wondering, 10,000 USD is all of 850,000 KES right about now. Enough to register your company and hire some stuff.. or save up to attend BlackBerry 10 Release Event in Q1 of 2013. *fingers crossed*

The 10k Developer Commitment will sometime in January which is also the deadline for registration. If you are not already a registered BlackBerry App World Vendor, register now so you don’t miss out. You can join the Kenyan BlackBerry Developers Group on GroupSpaces and I’ll add you right in. Happy Coding!

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