17th November 2012; The BlackBerry Hackathon JamSession

blackberry 10 jam sessions nairobi hackathon 17th November 2012These are the points that will be tested to award the winner of the 17th November 2012 BlackBerry Hackathon:

  • The Business Model – 25%
  • Design Quality – 25%
  • Originality of Idea – 25%
  • Functionality – 25%

Each team should comprise of no more than 6 team members (You can 1 guy or 6 guys max)

Everything you present on the App has got to have been done in the room. Do not bring your previous work to this event. All has to be done here.

End of coding is at 6.30pm and each team will be allowed up to 3 minutes for presentation. You can present either Powerpoint slides, on a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device or on a BlackBerry PlayBook. Choice is yours.

Make sure you test your app with and without WiFi. This is Key. Also make sure you get your code signing keys today. They take up to 2 hours to deliver on email so please ensure you ask for them well in advance.

These are the awardable categories:

  • Best App
  • Best Ui Design
  • Best Game
  • Best eCommerce App

Awards/Prizes will be in form of PlayBooks, BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpa B Devices and Cash Money.

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