Smart People, Smart Phones and now Smart Fridges from Samsung

Digital Inverter Compressor Samsung Refrigerator JuuchiniI was going to start off this article with the AHA! That ‘Electricity is Expensive’ but I reconsidered. Why? Because there’s no surprise there. Electricity is Expensive Everywhere. And it is getting more and more pocket-unfriendly.

In fact, if you have the new age Conlog pre-paid electricity meters like me, then ‘unaumia’. I did a small survey of what eats up my hard earned units and unplugged all my appliances one by one, each on its own week.

My small survey showed me that an empty fridge is the biggest culprit right next to the instant shower and iron box. But since you use the last 2 items periodically then my one door Samsung fridge is the one that eats up the most number of units.

I dunno. It’s like Samsung listened to me and came up with a new gadget that helps reduce the amount of electricity the fridge uses. This is of course after using common sense like ‘no hot foods in there’ and ‘turn it off when you’ve got nothing you’re preserving’. I should probably at this point mention that I am a bachelor and there are days (sometimes weeks) that a wrinkly ‘nyanya’ is all that’s edible in my ka-fridge. Poor me!

Samsung Electronics has unveiled a new fridge with a Digital Inverter Compressor that guarantees to save energy and automatically levels with KPLC’s power fluctuation. This thing is also more durable and has a higher cooling performance so that my ‘nyanya’ will stay alive till like December. It works by automatically choosing the preferred RPM (Revolutions per Minute) and this detects when you’ve put a hot cup of uji or a steaming plate of pumpkins and sweeps in to blow cool air on it to reduce energy consumption. This will save your electricity.

The fridge also has a sliding tray to store and get food easier and a compartment door which is longer and deeper for bottles. Yaay! So now you can also chill those wine bottles when guests pop in unexpectedly and then demand Wine. J

This refrigerator also has:

  • A ‘Moist-Fresh zone’ that maintains optimum moisture that’s great for storing fruits and vegetables
  • A ‘Cool Pack’ – Keeps the cool in the freezer for up to 8 hours in case of power failure, preventing food from spoiling in the event of an ice-melt
  • An Auto Ice Maker
  • LED light (instead of the usual light bulb)
  • A Water Dispenser

I came across this new tech breakthrough as I was searching for a better kitchen appliance for my own house online.

You see, my fridge ‘hissed’ at me after I tried to remove a piece of chicken to cook one night and accidentally pierced one of the Freon pipes in the freezer. I know, I know.. It was a dumb thing to do.

Bottom line – Now I need a new one asap.

I hope everyone, me included, looking to buy a new fridge this month can wait and buy this one instead so they can save money on both a good item as well as ever-rising electricity costs. It was launched in Jamaica so I need to confirm how long it will take to come to Kenya. Have a look at the Smart Fridge on the Samsung website.

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