Advice on Where to Find the Cheapest Nokia Lumia in Nairobi

Cheapest Lumia Windows Fans East Africa rates for Nokia Lumia 920 820 620 Prices Safaricom Airtel Midcom Juuchini

There’s a Facebook group called Windows Phone Fans East Africa (Join this Fan Page) and the guy who runs it, Latiff, decided to put up some prices of the Lumia around Nairobi and the different kinds of offers linked back to the Lumia smartphone that was launched in Nairobi a few months back and runs Microsoft’s flagship Operating System, Windows Phone 8 on premium hardware from Nokia.

Basically what the image above seeks to show you is that most of the providers have good rates. Airtel for instance want you to buy the device via their Airtel Money platform for the best deals i.e. an 820 for 41,800 with 1.5 GB and 1500 KES airtime.

Midcom on the other hand allows you you to get free shipping anywhere in Kenya before the end of 72 hours if you buy it on their Online store.

Fone Express seem to be the most expensive given they have no offers when you buy a device.

As you will also note, the Nokia Lumia 920 is exclusive to Safaricom for now.

The OS, Windows Phone 8, has received several updates on stuff like the camera which we blogged about. The best thing about buying this device in your home region is that you will get the latest updates for your region when they are due so you won’t suffer like some guy who bought his device from Malaysia and had software issues.

Sadly, he omitted my friend, Moha, from Jamiat Mall who sells the Lumia 820 for KES 39,000. I doubt if he has the Lumia 920 yet but I could ask. If anyone here needs one of these devices, give me a shout in the comments section or tweet me @juuchini.

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