INFOGRAPHIC: Are Cyber Bullies A Real Problem or Just Hype?

Sometime in late 2011, we published  a blog-post on the effect of cyber bullies and how to eliminate/get rid of them by beating them at their own game.

Some of the strongest points from this argument were as follows:-

  1. Cyber bullies Thrive on Reaction to Provocation and Conflict – The minute you start to curse out a cyber bully, you are fuelling their urge and interest to pound you even more. They get a kick out of having you react and throw tantrums. Trust that there are very idle people out there that pick out your rant as a weakness and you will never hear the end of it.
  2. Cyber bullies Are Generally Weak – The Bully behavior is normally deep-rooted and will probably arise from poor upbringing, a much-less-than-perfect childhood, daddy issues and a lot of other issues not related to you. It is not your fault he doesn’t like your poetry; it is because he probably can’t think of any two words that rhyme.
  3. Cyber bullies thrive on Attention – Look for any evidence of a cyber bully that continued to tarnish a brand when he is completely ignored by others. You won’t find even one. Simply because if no-one is watching (or listening), then they’re no longer interested.

College Stats recently published an infographic on cyber bullies and here it is below:

Are Cyber Bullies the real deal or just a hoax juuchini

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