Akirachix Mobile Garage 2013: Application Pitches

mobile garage kenya logo juuchiniThese are some of the applications that got pitched at the recently held Mobile Garage at the iHub:-

Look Around – An application that is used to look around where you are and then gives you directions and suggestions to bookmark places you’d like to go again in your map

Polar Sleeper – Allows you to sleep by playing sounds of rain and relaxing music so you can sleep. Application sends a Goodnight SMS to your friends telling them ‘walale salama’. App auto-closes after 15 minutes of activity and is going to be for free on the Google Play Store. Revenue model is to sell unlocks for more sounds as you do in-app purchases

SomoLeo –  (J2Me App by Jonathan Kibet) Helps on to sell and buy stuff  using deals online in the country. Only allows you to post and see deals from your own country. The App shields you from giving out your personal contacts online (has a privacy policy). It also allows feedback by sharing it with your friends (email, social networks or text message). Allows Ads and In-App purchases but main revenue stream is per download revenue. Available on S40 and S60 and is more for feature-ish phones than smartphones.

SomoLeo – an SMS based application that helps the catholic parishioners get daily readings of the church.

Maseno Mobi Map–  An android application that helps students lecturers search for various departments/locations within the school.

Mbegu Halisi – App to Advice farmers on the best seeds to be planted at what times in the year. Didn’t know what broccoli and where to plant what. App allows you to get photos to know what you’re planting.  Categorizes seeds and gives descriptions of the of where and what to plant and what the results should be. The App is Free. I hear there’s a similar App in Australia called For Profit where a farmer launches an app and is given directions on what is the best crop to plant on his farm to achieve maximum profit in the coming planting season.

Buddy App – Allows you to request someone’s number or other relevant information from another person’s phone via text using ‘Send me *Kamau*bingo* and it returns with that person’s number in form of an SMS. It would also work if you leave your phone number at home and you need to get some information from it urgently. You would just need to SMS the correct string and it returns with a response. It is available on Google Play.

Jua Katiba Yako (Know Your Constitution) – Allows Kenyans to know more about their Constitution by giving daily readings. Main features are a searchable database for article numbers and keywords, a Swahili version, offline capability, links to county info,. The premium version has interpretation into other languages, proposed parliament bills and approved bills as well (updates on the Law). App is available on Android and is soon coming to BB10 OS and iOS. The feature phone version is also in the works.

Results on who won will be on a separate blog-post.


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