Get Picked By Alicia Keys: BlackBerry STEM Scholarship Programme

BLACKBERRY SCHOLARS PROGRAMME ALICIA KEYS JUUCHINIBlackBerry®is now reaching out to women in Kenya in a bid to urge them to apply for the new BlackBerry® Scholars Program, an initiative designed to inspire women globally to enter and develop careers in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in which women rarely take part. Led by Alicia Keys, BlackBerry’s Global Creative Director, the BlackBerry Scholars program will offer 10 full, 4 year university scholarships to outstanding female candidates. The BlackBerry Scholars Program is available to women in Kenya and will provide scholarships to outstanding applicants who are seeking degrees at accredited local colleges and universities in the areas of STEM across Kenya.

“Women are underrepresented in fields of science and technology, and we feel strongly that it’s time to drive a change,” said BlackBerry Global Creative Director, Alicia Keys. “It’s important to connect the dots for young women in secondary school and college, and show them that careers in science and technology are within their reach. And when women do land these jobs, it’s vital they receive the mentoring and support they need to advance in their careers. I’m proud BlackBerry is demonstrating leadership in women’s education, both in school and in the workplace, and giving back to its most loyal users in such a profound way.”

What you just need to do is to is :=-

  1. Love anything to do with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
  2. Write an essay on how you’re going to make your mark on the World
  3. Enter some facts & information about yourself, your financial situation, and your college/university
  4. and finally Attach an official High School transcript & two recommendation letters and that’s it

You then Submit for a chance to receive a four-year scholarship award from BlackBerry.

Applications are now open to candidates in Kenya, who are interested in the scholarship, and will close at midnight on June 26th, 2013. The scholars will be selected by a panel of inspirational and accomplished women, led by Alicia Keys, who will recruit candidates based on their academic merit and passion for entering the mobile computing industry. This scholarship program is the 1st step in BlackBerry’s long-term commitment and multi-tier strategy to engage young women at every step of their education from secondary school to college, and as they rise through their careers. As more than 55% of BlackBerry customers are women, BlackBerry aims to champion this generation of female leaders as they strive to achieve their ambitions in this highly competitive industry.

Interested applicants should apply NOW as applications close at Midnight East Africa Time on June 26th, 2013.

You can find more into at the BlackBerry Scholars website. You can spread word on this on Twitter using the #BBScholars hashtag.

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