To Upgrade Or Not To Upgrade?

it is time to upgrade juuchini

So, every so often, my Adobe flash player prompts me to update it; and my Mozilla browser keeps mutating faster than a teenager’s wardrobe. But do I really need to make these upgrades with every new release?

Now those of you who have been liberalized will say that I ought not to complain seeing that no one is holding a gun to my head. But see I am one of those very few people who have grudgingly hung onto the very first Nokia 3310 phone I bought; and who actually read the terms and conditions before hitting next during software install.

The devil is always in the detail and I am slowly starting to believe that there is a conspiracy by software developers to get me to buy a new PC with greater processing speeds. Else, why would all my favorite software: vlc, kmp, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome all be so keen on making so many frequent software upgrades with each version bigger and bulkier than the previous one?

Sadly, I click on my Adobe Flash Player to update because I want to enjoy my YouTube video streaming. However, how come there is always a bug fixed with each new release? Are software engineers slacking or is there nothing else to innovate? I am seriously considering going portable with all my software; these upgrades will be the death of me.

So dear developers, if it’s not broken, don’t tweak it. And if you do, try make it smaller because on my old Pentium 4, every extra byte counts.

Have a bug free day now, won’t you?

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