Accommodating The Filter Bubble In My Own Little World

are you caught in the filter bubble juuchini

It’s true that ignorance is bliss, but also, we cannot ignore the good book when it says people perish for lack of information/knowledge.

When I say information, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is Google. And well in a fast paced generation where there is so much we need to know, just to survive, indeed Google and by extension the internet are the epitome of information. Now we all believe internet to be a free flow of independent data available on demand… but what if it told you it’s not?

The concept of internet as we know it has been changing and we have hardly noticed.

Freedom comes at a price, and for we; Google/internet users it has come in a dark-knight masked in lines of binary code, holding keys to the larger digital world. Simply put, Google (and now Facebook) have what we call “intelligent filters” that monitor your browsing habits so that over time, when you search something you only get information relevant to just you. This means we could both Google a word, but based on our internet habits, get very different results.

Now, I believe in open source and champion for it. So of all tools I do not expect my Google search to deny me the choice to filter information myself (making my choices is part of why I believe myself an adult). This very thing is part of why I do not hold windows in high regard.

Well, for today, clear your browsing history, try use an incognito window on your browser…. And enjoy some unfiltered browsing, while it’s still legal 🙂

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