The Intel Student Partner Program In Africa


The Intel Student Partner Program in Africa is an opportunity for interested students to act as liaisons (partners) between Intel and their various universities in their regions. These partners get various benefits such as:

  1. They get to learn about innovative Intel products and programs
  2. They get to plan and host fun events on their campuses
  3. They act as a campus contact and link between Intel and the Intel teams
  4. They help Intel get a better understanding of each university’s culture by sharing insights on the students’ body, faculty, and administration

The Intel Student Partner program was developed to enable Intel engage more actively and more effectively with large student bodies across Africa. Application to this program is by submission

How do you apply?

Program Participants (Participants) can apply to be part of the Intel Student Partner Program (Program) by submitting an application here.

During the Phase 1 Participants will need to demonstrate the following values in their application:

  1. University Status
  2. Academic excellence – Participants must have a grade point average of minimum B (or equivalent) from their university. Proof of grade point average in the form of academic transcripts is required.
  3. Leadership experience – Participants must demonstrate that they have previously organized and lead other students in running or implementing a project or event that is of value to the University community. Proof for this should be provided in the form of reference letters from the organization for which they implemented the program.
  4. Intel Developer Zone registration –Participants must be registered members of the Intel® Developer Zone (IDZ). IDZ membership will be verified by including IDZ username in the application process.

How long does the program run for? Starting from November 15th 2013, participants can apply at any time during the duration of the program and will be notified within 1 month of their application date regarding the status of their application. Intel, at its sole discretion, may determine the end date of the Program.

What benefits do you get from Intel as a Partner? Partners will receive the following benefits:

  1. Profiling within the Intel® Developer Zone (within regional sections dedicated for Africa as a Partner)
  2. Opportunity to participate in certain Intel events locally and internationally. For any event that requires travel, Intel will cover all associated, reasonable costs (transport, accommodation and board) on behalf of the Partner based on actually incurred costs only which must be supported by a valid proof of payment
  3. Sneak peeks at some development tools, and industry-defining software applications that are public but may not be readily available in your specific market.
  4. Access to mentors within Intel to support Partners to build their global network and career skillset.
  5. Monthly stipend of $50 (Stipend) payable in equivalent local currency (In Kenya, this is KES 4,250). The Stipend will only be available for months of Partners’ full time enrolment at the University, excluding University holiday months, (Eligible Months). The Stipend will be subject to additional contractual obligations to be signed by the Partners with the Agency.
  6. Branded Intel merchandise (Merchandise): 1 branded jacket, 1 branded T-shirt, 1 branded laptop bag, 1 branded laptop cover of a total value of approximately $200 (KES 17,000).

What are a Partner’s Obligations during Partnership Year?

1)      The Partners will be required to:

  1. spend at least 2 hours a week meeting, talking and promoting Intel programs on Campus. The Partners will be required to send weekly reports providing work breakdown of how the 2 hours were spent.
  2. disclose that their activities are supported by Intel.
  3. provide weekly update to Intel on any university events in which they took part  during  the previous week and on upcoming events which the university is conducting that could be of interest to Intel.
  4. with prior notice from Intel, arrange for a tour at the university for Intel visitors to showcase Partners initiatives at the university.
  5. be available to assist with planning and logistics whenever Intel has major events in Partner’s country. For such assistance standard daily rates will be paid, equivalent to the rates paid to regular promoters (Event Assistance Pay).
  6. provide content such as one blog entry of at least 200 words ,  every 3 months, for the Intel Student Partner program website. The provided content should, for example, include information regarding recent events they have participated in.

2)      In addition Partners activities on-campus will include:

  1. setting up a booth that showcases Intel technologies and programs locally. Intel will provide physical booth, as well as the items to be shown.

The Partners will be responsible for arranging an introduction meeting between Intel representatives and a relevant person at the university to facilitate obtaining of any required permissions for the space use at the university campus.

  1. running “What’s New” sessions to inform students about the latest news from Intel.
  2. arranging a periodic meeting between Intel representatives and university faculties leaders with the aim to discuss possible collaboration areas.  At a minimum there should be 1 meeting per quarter.

3)      All activities that incur costs will need a prior approval from Intel and a valid proof of payment – Intel may, at its sole discretion, refuse to cover any costs which were not explicitly approved by Intel or for which there is no proof of payment.

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