Announcing Mobile East Africa On 12th And 13th February 2014 #MWEA14

Mobile Web East Africa MWEA14 Juuchini
The agenda for Mobile East Africa 2014 has now been officially launched and it is touted to be the most progressive and comprehensive agenda for the event since its first run in 2010.
Some of the speakers invited for this year’s event are:
  • Tomi Ahonen (measured by Forbes as the world’s most influential expert in mobile in 2012) will deliver a Special Address. Tomi has a highly rated blog on all thing mobile. He is set to deliver a 60 minutes long high information speech and an additional full day workshop on Friday 14th February.
  • This year’s conference will kick off with a “Leaders of Mobile” sessionAlready confirmed for this are Andrew Waititu (MD Eastern Africa, SAP), Jose Henriques (Group VP Data, Airtel Africa), a senior representative from IBM, and John Waibochi (CEO, Virtual City) and this list is still growing. The contributors have agreed to give their perspectives on growth and what needs to be done to achieve it.
  • There is a massive focus on monetisation, business models, innovation and creativityThe presenters chosen this year have worldwide exposure due to their expertise in these core areas.
  • Global presentations decksContributors this year are from Kenya, Hong Kong, Tanzania, India, Uganda, South Africa and the United Kingdom.
  • To close the conference, plans are in place to run a unique “celebrating and learning from failure” sessionThinkers and entrepreneurs are going to celebrate their hard earned (and learned) lessons of both success and failure so that everyone can benefit.
The ticket prices are as follows:
  1. Early Bird booking for the main 2 day conference only will cost you 400 USD (34,000 KES)
  2. Early Bird booking for the main 2 day conference and 1 workshop will cost you 550 USD (46,750 KES)
  3. Early Bird booking for the main 2 day conference and 2 workshops will cost you 675 USD (57,375 KES)

You can register here.

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