Liquid Telecom Starts $34 million Fibre Expansion Plan In Rwanda


Liquid Telecom has announced a new investment plan that will enable more businesses and homes have access to its high-speed broadband service in Rwanda, as well as the neighbouring Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and the DRC.

The new plan will see Liquid Telecom Rwanda invest a sum of $34 million over the next two years, which will be used to lay thousands of kilometres of new fibre across the country and to the borders of neighbouring countries.

With the new fibre in place, operators across the East and Central Africa region will be able to interconnect with Liquid Telecom Rwanda’s network facilitating for additional security, backup for Uganda as well as an alternative routing option through Tanzania.

The extensive Fibre To The Home (FTTH) rollout is set to start in the country’s capital Kigali where it has a metropolitan fibre ring in place, giving the people of Rwanda an option away from the traditional satellite, mobile broadband and WiMAX.

The FTTH service will offer speeds of up to 100Mbps allowing for home usage of live TV streaming, real-time online gaming, high-definition video, VoIP calling as well as the uploading and downloading of large files.

“We are an ambitious company which is investing heavily in laying new fibre across the nation and direct to people’s doors,” said Sam Nkusi, the chairman Liquid Telecom Rwanda. “We are building a 21st century network which will help our country continue to grow and prosper.

Liquid Telecom Group has successfully established the FTTH service in neighbouring Zimbabwe and has built the East Africa Fibre Ring that connects Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and back into Kenya providing interconnection at high speeds across the region.

The company has further plans to offer value-added and over-the-top (OTT) services to be included in the FTTH service.




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