Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Debuts In Kenya


Samsung has launched its latest phablet, the Galaxy Note 4, in Kenya and will be made available in the country for purchase starting this Friday, October 31.

Priced at KSh 74,999, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 promises to thrill anyone who loves a fast phone with a large screen as it comes with a 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display, allowing for better and clearer viewing angles and fast response.

The Note 4 comes with an advanced camera system, which features a 16 MP rear camera that incorporates the Smart Optical Image Stabilizer (OIS) that balances camera shake and automatically extends exposure time in dark settings.

Note 4  also brings good news to the selfie generation with a 3.7 MP front camera that is designed to offer better shooting angle of up to 120 degrees, allowing users to take large group shots by using the sensor at the back as a shutter to take the pictures.

With a refined Multi Window feature, users are provided with an opportunity to multitask more easily through the use of one swipe to select how one wants to access applications, either in full, split or pop-up screens.

The Galaxy Note 4 comes blended with a more evolved S Pen technology, which offers a mouse-like experience that allows a user to select multiple items by pressing on the pen button and dragging across the items.

The new S pen offers a more exciting user experience with a more natural brush effect that perfectly emulates writing on paper with a fountain or calligraphy pen, and also features a more user friendly command function alongside new features such as Smart Select.

Smart Select feature allows users to create and collect content from different regions and share them to friends with ease, all with one drag.

Another interesting feature is the innovative Photo note that converts analogue text to digital by allowing users to take a picture of their notes on a piece of paper or white board, which is then converted to the S Note.

Also featured in the new Note, is the Fast charging feature allowing users with devices running on low battery to charge up to 50% in only 30 minutes.

There is also improved technology with the voice recording capability that picks up sound from one direction and shuts out noise from the other, making it ideal for one on one interviews.

Unveiled alongside the Note 4, is the Samsung Gear S with stand-alone GPS navigation and the Note 4 Gear Circle promising to deliver on premium sound.

The Samsung Gear S, which comes with exchangeable straps in various colours, features Bluetooth and 3G connectivity allowing for SMS, email notifications and works as an independent device.

Designed to be worn as a High-Tech necklace, the Gear Circle is able to receive voice calls, play music tracks and recognise S Voice commands.

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