Tanzania Directs Police And Revenue Bodies To Go Electronic


The government of Tanzania through its Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has instructed the Police Force in the country to ensure that all payments to the body, including road fines are made electronically.

This new directive is to ensure that loopholes of dishonesty and corruption are eliminated and also it is in efforts by the government to increase revenue.

PAC’s deputy chairman, Deo Filikunjombe also told the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) to ensure integration of the electronic system in all revenue transactions and operations for effectiveness and in order to grow the country’s economy.

“This system, among other things will mitigate unnecessary bureaucracies and ensure that all collections made fall on the government’s pocket,” said Filikunjombe.

Introducing the electronic system in the two bodies will also facilitate in integrating operations between the two bodies, as they work hand in hand for record keeping purposes.

TRA as a body records the offenses made by motorists and the fines paid regarding the same, by liaising with the Police Force, introducing the electronic system will ensure real time recording as they happen.

In Kenya, the revenue authority has already incorporated an electronic system in all operations carried out by the body requiring Kenyans to register for an e-slip which they use to make payments with.

The e-slip is provided for in the body’s website iTax that was launched to help citizens get the information they need from where they are as long as they are connected to the internet.

Earlier this week the Kenya Revenue Authority allowed Airtel customers to pay their taxes through Airtel Money, joining Safaricom which already provided the service through its M-PESA platform.

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