Vodacom To Introduce Voice Password In Tanzania


Vodacom is planning to implement the voice biometric technology in Tanzania, following a similar launch of the voice security service in South Africa last week by the telecom.

The voice biometrics service allows the user to use their voice print to provide security access as an optional password, with Vodacom customers registering for the voice password through the My Vodacom app or by calling customer care.

Once the customer is registered a voice print is recorded which will be used in future interactions, with the system verifying that it is not an imitation through recognition by matching the voices. In the case the voices do not match, access will be denied.

Rosalynn Mworia, the head of Corporate Communications and PR at Vodacom Tanzania said the telecom was looking forward to implement the new technology in the country in the near future.

“As is Vodacom’s tradition to be the first to introduce modern technology in the country, our customers should sit back and wait for the new innovation,” Mworia said.

Vodacom says the voice biometrics technology will provide a timely solution that uses a person’s natural voice pattern to log in to their profiles, fighting against identity theft and fraud that is scarring the nations.

During the launch in South Africa, Dee Nal, the managing executive at Vodacom Customer care said, “Logging in can be a tedious experience – it’s always been a necessary but inconvenient process. Voice password changes this and gives Vodacom customers a simpler, worry-free experience.”

The voice feature has been made available to Android users in South Africa through My Vodacom app, which can be downloaded from Google Play or the Vodacom app store and an iPhone version planned to launch soon.

Voice biometrics service seeks to increase convenience and at the same time improve security for its users.

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