Microsoft Replaces Nokia Brand with Microsoft Lumia


Microsoft Lumia is officially the new brand name taking the place of software maker Nokia, as part of Microsoft’s transition following the company’s acquisition of the Nokia devices and services division in April this year.

In recent weeks, Microsoft phased out the Nokia brand by calling the phones just by the name ‘Lumia’, redirected Nokia online properties to, and now will extend their rebranding effort to rename the line-up Microsoft Lumia.

Last month Microsoft hinted on the change and rebranding that would see the company drop the manufacturer name from product references, which would be done during the holiday season for campaigns.

Already the Nokia’s Windows phone apps have been rebranded to Lumia and advertisements will be pushing for Lumia instead of Nokia.

Microsoft Lumia will first be adopted in France by rebranding its Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts, with a further plan to rebrand in other countries in the coming weeks.

As part of the agreement with Microsoft, Nokia will exist as a separate company but will not make new phones for years. The Finnish firm will now focus on mapping and network infrastructure.

Among the latest additions to the Lumia family was the Lumia 530, launched with the brand name Nokia and offered among the cheapest smartphones in the market. The Lumia 530 is likely to be the last device featuring the Nokia brand.

To see how Microsoft will rebrand future devices, Lumia enthusiasts will have to wait.


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