Airtel Africa Offers Satellite Connectivity In 12 Countries


Airtel customers can now purchase and have access to mobile satellite products and services at Airtel shops, following a launch of the products by Mobile Satellite Services provider Thuraya Telecommunications Company.

The two companies entered into a partnership in March this year that would see expansion of mobile connectivity through the offering of Thuraya’s satellite handsets and services to 17 countries across Africa.

Now as part of implementing the partnership, Thuraya has made available its products at Airtel retail outlets across 12 African countries with further plans to launch the products in 5 more countries.

Customers can now access Thuraya’s satellite phones, including the SatSleeve and IP+ broadband terminals which have been made available for purchase in Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Congo, Gabon and the DRC.

This new move by Airtel is part of efforts to spearhead the convergence between satellite and mobile communications, which addresses the growing demand for communications technology in the continent.

Through Thuraya’s satellite solutions, customers of the Airtel network will be able to access voice communication, messaging, their favourite social media apps and broadband internet.

“Our partnership with Thuraya demonstrates Airtel Africa’s commitment to deliver innovative products that offer 100 percent coverage within the 17 markets we cover,” said Andre Beyers, Chief Marketing Officer at Airtel Africa.

Through this collaboration, Airtel Africa is able to expand its network coverage and offer both mobile and fixed telecommunications services to even the most remote areas in the continent, as part of plans to ensure high level of network service for demanding markets.

Global MSS operator Thuraya, has partnered mobile operators across the globe to offer its satellite handsets, broadband devices and communications solutions to various sectors, including broadcast media, military, energy and NGOs that require connection to remote areas.


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