BlackBerry And Samsung Partner To Improve Android Security


Mobile communications provider BlackBerry has entered into a new partnership with Samsung Electronics that will see the development of a highly secure mobility solution for the Android platform.

The partnership aims to provide customers with a new choice of solution that is tightly integrated and secured, by bringing together BlackBerry’s BES12 solution with Samsung’s security software KNOX, found in the Galaxy devices.

Set to be rolled out in the beginning of 2015, the integrated solution will be provided as a new option to customers in the mobile marketplace at a price to be announced upon availability.

Through the partnership, Samsung will resell the BES12 to joint customers with BlackBerry offering KNOX support as part of the family of BES12 subscriptions.

BES12 by BlackBerry is a new security platform that features the enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions to help enterprises easily manage mobility across Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.

The solution allows the user to have control of their device, applications as well as data in a more efficient way through its newly introduced endpoint-permissions model.

“Samsung KNOX is focused on delivering secure mobility solutions to enterprises and combined with BES15, we will offer more options for customers that need enhanced levels of security on their Android devices,” said Injong Rhee, SVP of KNOX at Samsung.

According to Blackberry, among the benefits that will come with the new integrated solution will include,

  • Android security enhancements to reduce threats that bypass app security solutions
  • Secure connectivity as well as enhanced management capabilities for the Android device, applications and data
  • Enhanced user experience with a workspace that provides a more flexible approach for enterprise deployment
  • Separation of business and personal data to ensure uncompromised corporate security and employee privacy

With mobile malware reported to be most common among Android devices, attracting a 99 per cent target from all intended malware, this new partnership will come as good news to many as it will offer a more secure capability.

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