First Airtel 4G Service In Africa Launches In Seychelles


Bharti Airtel has unveiled its first commercial LTE network in Africa through an introduction of the 4G service in Seychelles, adding the country to the list of countries in Africa deploying the 4G technology.

Launched in partnership with Ericsson, the new infrastructure is a nationwide 800 MHz network based on FD-LTE set to help meet the growing customer demand for mobile broadband services as well as deliver high quality network performance.

In the first phase of the network roll out, the network will cover 10,000 LTE subscribers and is aimed at enhancing connectivity to provide Airtel customers with improved customer experience, with faster web browsing, downloads and improved service delivery.

Danny Fure, Vice President of Seychelles said, “The deployment of the next generation mobile network across the Seychelles will enable an enhanced mobile experience and reliable services and will facilitate new and exciting opportunities for businesses, society and people in the country.”

The 4G service roll out by Airtel is a major milestone for the telecom as well as the country, according its Airtel Africa CEO Christian de Faria.

“We are delighted to now provide leadership in setting the technology standard for 4G services in Africa by rolling out this cutting edge LTE network,” de Faria said.

The 4G LTE network will allow for high speed access to HD video streaming, multiple chatting, and instant video upload among other functions.

As Airtel begins its 4G roll out in Africa with this Seychelles launch, Safaricom is still in talks with the Communications Authority (CA) of Kenya to get approval to start roll out of its planned 4G network across the country.

Last week, the CA imposed a pre-condition to be met by Safaricom if it is to get the licence that will see the telecom share 30% of its 4G network with rival telecoms in the country once implemented.



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