Mozilla Revamps Search Interface As Yahoo Becomes Default Browser


Mozilla has announced a new search interface to come to Firefox that will allow users to quickly find information they are looking for across the Web with one single click.

When typing key words in the Firefox search box, the new interface by Mozilla will provide an array of buttons below the search suggestions to allow the user find the search term directly on a specific site.

The search suggestions have also been newly organized in efforts to improve search design and fulfill the promise Mozilla made that it would improve user’s experience when using the browser.

Currently when searching on Google through the Firefox browser, a list of auto-complete suggestions. Under the new search interface, a grid of icons from various sites such as Twitter, Wikipedia, Amazon and Ebay among others will be shown below the suggestions.

The user will have the option of changing the site icons appearing below the suggestions to meet their daily needs as different users search information on different sites, and frequent some sites more than others.

Since technology advancements is about making it easier to do things, the new one-click set up is pretty much the same capabilities the old Firefox had but have been made easily accessible and has eliminated the need to manually navigate through the site.

Earlier this month, Mozilla announced it was partnering Yahoo in a five-year agreement that will see its Firefox browser use Yahoo as its default search tool, in the company’s strategy to improve its share in the browser market which has slipped behind Google Chrome.

Firefox changed its strategy by dropping Google as its default search engine when the agreement between the two was up for renewal, saying that it was an opportunity for the company to explore options.

With the Yahoo default being made available for users in the US this December, Mozilla has not disclosed details on the dates to expect the new search experience.

Once rolled out, the new Firefox will be availed with a set of pre-installed search engines allowing the users to tailor their browsers with their preferred search tool and will also allow web developers to add their own defaults.

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