Airtel’s Ongoing Promotion Has Rewarded 48 Kenyans


Through a 90 days promotion campaign introduced by Airtel in October this year, a total of 48 Kenyans on the Airtel network participating in the promotion have received cash prizes amounting up to KSh 1.1 Million.

The promotion, dubbed Chemsha Bongo na Airtel, was introduced by the company as part of its efforts to show appreciation to customers and in the same way help contribute to improving their lives with cash rewards set to last until January 14, 2015.

Chemsha Bongo na Airtel promotion rewards customers in two categories, on a daily basis as well as weekly. As of the 7 weeks that have elapsed since its introduction on October 18, 41 winners from the daily category have received KSh 20,000 each and 7 weekly winners have received KSh 40,000 each.

With Christmas around the corner and people counting down the days, Airtel encourages customers on the network to try their luck by participating in the promotion for a chance to win some cash to spend this festive season.

“We want customers to feel our impact during this season by rewarding them and making their Christmas holiday a memorable one,” said Adel El Youssefi, Airtel CEO.

How to participate in the promotion

Airtel customers wanting to try their luck at winning cash prizes will be required to load airtime on their phones to be considered in the Chemsha Bongo na AIrtel promotion. The promotion campaign is designed to work in the form of a quiz, where participants are tasked with answering questions through and SMS service. Every answer attracts a total of 100 points, so the more you answer, the more points you get.

Customers will need to have sufficient airtime on their phones, as each SMS sent will cost the participant KSh 5 and only the participant with the highest number of points at the end of the promotion will get the ultimate grand prize reward of KSh 1 Million.

If you are not in the promotion yet, here are a few steps you will need to follow to enter.

  1. On your Airtel Network dial the short code *395#
  2. From the list menu, select the first option Subscribe (If you are not sure about it there is an option to check the gaming rules)
  3. A list of questions will then be sent via SMS to your phone
  4. Reply to the SMS with your answers (5 bob is charged her)
  5. Dial the short code *395# and select My Score to check points gained

Any notifications from the promotion are communicated to participants by Airtel through the number 0734111777 only.

A total of KSh 2.92 Million is set to be used for the rewards program ending January, next year.



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