BlackBerry Decides Old Is Best With A New Smaller Screen Classic


BlackBerry has gone back to where it all started with a new smartphone that is quite similar to its earliest range of phones, featuring the same design that made the BlackBerry a popular among business persons, including a QWERTY keyboard, a small screen and a track pad.

In an era when most people are going for the smartphone with the largest screen, a situation that has lead manufacturers to go head-to-head on new product releases, it is interesting that BlackBerry has decided to stray from the new trend by going back to its roots with a small screen at 3.5 inches.

The new smartphone dubbed BlackBerry Classic, is powered by a 1.5GHz Qualcomm processor, will run on BlackBerry 10.3.1 and is set to have support for both BlackBerry Apps and Android apps made available on Amazon store.

When it comes to storage, the Classic features 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory storage and an additional expandable memory through microSD support. It features an 8MP front camera and a 2MP back facing camera.

BlackBerry Classic is just like the BlackBerry Bold 9900 launched back in 2011, but the company says the Classic has upgraded various features with a browser that is about three times faster, more screen space and also has a longer battery life.

Users of BlackBerry who now miss the old days of a physical keyboard, that was a signature for the device, can now choose to revisit the earlier BlackBerry experience by purchasing the new Classic.

However, just like vintage products are usually pricy, the Classic that has revisited the BlackBerry vintage look will need customers to part with a sum of $449 (about KSh40,400 or more for the Kenyan folk) to purchase the device at BlackBerry dealer shops or through online at Amazon store.




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