Intel Wants To Simplify IoT Deployments With New Platform


Chip maker company Intel has introduced a new Internet of Things (IoT) platform that seeks to bring together various components including gateway, connectivity as well as security as they hope to simplify and improve end user experience.

The new platform also incorporates various hardware and software products from different solutions providers, providing a foundation that will make it easier for developers to concentrate and focus on the specific requirements for customers.

With technology around the world going through a revolution to accommodate the latest advancements such as Cloud, Social and Big Data that are being made possible by the improved penetration of mobile devices, IoT is still experiencing hitches due to the complexity of the development process even as it becomes popular across markets.

Developers can now take a breather, as this new platform by Intel will eliminate the need to struggle and use up a lot of resources at the developing stage, by already providing features and solutions to cater for the development stage.

Intel’s new IoT platform that is an extension beyond its Silicon sphere, will provide integrated solutions such as edge-to-cloud connectivity and analytics, API management and service creation softwares, intelligent gateways, as well as a range of IA processors.

“With this platform we are continuing to expand our IoT product family beyond silicon with enhancements to our pre-integrated solutions that make IoT more accessible to solution providers,” said Doug Davis, Vice President and General Manager, Internet of Things Group at Intel.

Intel has concentrated on PCs and Servers for a long time, but recently the company has been stretching its boundaries by venturing into other technology spaces such as the wearables for tech, then now the huge and fast-growing IoT space that is becoming popular in the market for solutions developers.


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