Kaymu Tries To Close In On OLX With Mobile App


Introduced in Kenya about two months ago in a move to rival OLX and may be, just maybe, become the biggest platform for buyers and sellers to carry out business transactions online, Kaymu has now introduced a mobile app.

Kenyans doing business through the Kaymu platform will now be able to easily sell their products through the new mobile app, making it easier and convenient for both buyers and sellers to carry out business wherever they are as mobile provides for business on-the-go.

The app, introduced to help attract more users by expanding its marketing strategies to include the large population of mobile subscribers, is expected to offer a wider product assortment to buyers, fast navigation across products and easier buyer and seller account management.

Rival OLX has had its mobile app running for a long time now, and the online marketplace has seen massive growth in the country, leading to expansion into other countries in the regions such as Tanzania and the latest entry being Uganda.

Kaymu is now tapping into the mobile market in the hope that more people will be reached and just like people do product sales on Whatsapp and BlackBerry Messenger, the app to be offered for different platforms aims to provide a more structured platform for sales in the country.

“Mobile marketing is revolutionizing the buying and selling process in Kenya. The launch of Kaymu mobile application on different platforms will provide an even more structured platform for sales to be conducted on the go,” said Aleeda Fazal, Managing Director Kaymu Kenya.

The new move by Kaymu in the country may be the stepping stone towards reaching rival company OLX, but with the popularity that OLX has across Kenya and the minimal knowledge about Nigeria’s Kaymu into the Kenyan market, there will be a lot of stones that Kaymu will need to pass through before it can near reaching OLX.

In September, the company launched a mobile app for Africa that would allow people across the continent do business across the platform in more convenient ways and offer access to products at low costs.

Kaymu mobile App has been made available for Android users and is available for download on Google Play Store.

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