Physical Keyboard Is Too Ugly For iPhone 6


I have never been a fan for the iPhone range of devices and I do not plan to be one now. Maybe it is because I find them too expensive to purchase and also maintain. I mean, I would rather have a smartphone that allows me to download Apps and music at no cost (Android) or that does not require me to drain my account in screen replacement.

About two weeks ago, a friend was telling a story of how she has broken her iPhone screen on two occasions with each replacement costing her a hefty pay. Now, if you are a fan of the iPhone devices and keep up with the latest in the market, you are always prepared to spend a fortune on the device. Why? Because the iPhone is just in its own class of smartphones.

Samsung fanatics, you are allowed to challenge this thought, especially with the all new and hyped Note 4 but for now let’s talk about the iPhone 6 devices. Apple refers to the latest introductions as the greatest advancements in iPhone history, well, they are a beauty and feature larger screens and slim just as they should be to show elegance.

Some iPhone users have over time complained about the device not having a real keyboard – physical, they mean. Well, if anyone needs a physical keyboard they can always go for a blackberry smartphone especially now with their newest clunky Blackberry Passport. My point is, it is not a problem that the iPhone does not have a keyboard, it is designed to remain beautifully that way.

Some time back, a startup introduced Strike 3, an iPhone physical keyboard that would be an answer to the needy iPhone users wanting a physical keyboard for their devices that would help them text more easily and fast. (again, get a BlackBerry instead). Strike 3 has the keyboard flipping from the back to the front, allowing users to only bring to the front when they need to type.

The keyboard is provided with a casing, covering the back and a bit on the front. The only sensible thing about Strike 3 is that it allows the iPhone beauty to remain to some extent as it does not cover the signature home button of the iPhone devices. However, it is still an ugly and unwarranted offing that should never have seen the light of day.

Then there was the Typo keyboard, also introduced for the iPhone. Just like the Strike 3, Typo gave the appearance of a BlackBerry keyboard but was even more unattractive. BlackBerry realised the similarity and off they took Typo keyboard makers to court, a case that is still ongoing as of today and with sales of the product still on hold.

Now the same makers have introduced the Typo 2 keyboard for the iPhone 6, a sequel of the first Typo but they say is different. Typo 2 also comes through a casing for the whole back and on the front as well, which covers the iPhone home button – Yes the iconic signature home button, rendering the Touch ID fingerprint sensor irrelevant.

So what is the point of having this physical keyboard anyway if it will just blind the features that make the iPhone 6 a great advancement. Also, the casing is pretty bulky and makes the iPhone appear even larger, almost like the iPhone 6 Plus or the Samsung Note 4. It also gives it a Blackberry look. Confused much?

Not only does it bring Ugly to iPhone, it will require the user to charge it seperately from their iPhone device and is it is priced at $99 (about KSh 8,900). It is not currently available in Africa but I would imagine that if it was to ship to Kenya there would be a crazy added cost for shipping it, and as not everyone reads from the same book I do, there would definitely be people purchasing it.

Like I said earlier, I am not an iPhone fan, but I do not see why anyone would purchase the iPhone 6 for about KSh90,000 or Ksh100,000 only to make it appear like three devices all in one. I also do not understand why an iPhone user would want a physical keyboard for their phones – they come that way for a reason.

There is a reason why an iPhone is the way it is, there is a reason why most people fuss about it, there is a reason why it dawns such elegance and fineness, there is also a reason for its stylish design. Go here to know why the iPhone gets so much praise.

So please Typo 2 Keyboard fraternity and anyone already using the physical and hideous keyboard or considering to purchase it, Get Yourself the Blackberry Passport. It will suit the bulky and clunky features you want to subject your elegant iPhone 6 to.




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