Vodacom Tanzania Introduces Online Payment Service


Telecommunications services provider Vodacom has unveiled an online payment service in partnership with web-based platform that offers travelling services in the country, which will allow Tanzanians to book and pay for hotels, tour packages and flights.

Through the new online payment service by Vodacom, web-based platform Vinjari will allow local traders registered under the platform to receive online payments for the purchase of services by customers.

Vinjari is an online platform with over 300 hotels and partners across the country, allowing both local and international tourists get information they will require to stay in the country by availing a variety of hotels, tour package options and flight options.

Vodacom has introduced the service through its mobile money platform M-Pesa to help ease transactions for its over one million users, by eliminating the bulkiness of carrying around cash.

Rosalynn Mworia, Head of Corporate Affairs & Public Relations at Vodacom Tanzania said the launch bringing M-Pesa into the online space is a great move that will help M-Pesa customers have access to the online shopping experience.

With the online payment service, customers will not be limited to the option currently available that requires the customer to use their mobile phones when paying for service and instead will only be required to key in their mobile number through the website.

A notification is then sent to the customer’s mobile phone to confirm the transaction by entering their PIN.

The telecom has also introduced a new Electronic Subscriber Registration (ESR) that will allow Vodacom subscribers to register their SIM cards instantly upon purchase and gain access to services immediately.

The ESR has been launched with and aim to improve customer experience by eliminating the tacky manual registration in order to save on time and achieve efficiency that comes with electronic registration.

The new system comes at a time when the communications regulator in the country directed that existing subscribers re-register their SIM cards.


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