What Kenyans Should Know About The Presidential ICT Programme


Towards the end of November, JUUCHINI reported that the government in collaboration with private stakeholders had launched a Presidential Digital Talent Programme that would seek to improve the way technology is used to increase efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery by training Kenyans on ICT leadership skills.

Through this new PDTP initiative, the Kenyatta government expects to achieve an ICT talent pool for its services by training about 100 people every year through the programme that is set to be spread out over four quarters.

The programme is now inviting applications from Kenyan nationals who have graduated with an ICT-related degree in the last two years for an internship course to run starting the end on January.

Applications will be done online through the filling of an application form provided for here after creation of a candidate account, with the applications closing next week on December 24 and thereafter a face-to-face interview to take place in January 2015 to decide on the interns.

So Just What Does PDTP entail?

The PDTP initiative aims to lay emphasis on two areas that include Leadership and the core, Internship. Leadership category will involve development of CIO-type leaders currently in government by entrenching trainees with business principles for management of ICT structures, to be facilitated by the ICT authority while the Internship aspect will focus on training freshly qualified graduates.

Introduced through a partnership between the government, public and private stakeholders, the programme is in line with the country’s vision 2030 and ICT Master Plan, and is set to be managed and sustained by the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology(MoICT) through the ICT Authority (ICTA).

With ICTA taking control of the Leadership aspect in the programme, the government will work with the private sector to realise the internship program through careful selection of potential sponsors to aid in support of the initiative.

Aiming at achieving an ICT talent pool, the Internship programme is built on three main goals;

  1. Train at least 100 interns over a 12-month period
  2. Deliver structured training, coaching and mentoring
  3. Develop a pipeline of future talent for government focused on ethics and accountability.

Some of the benefits the program is aimed at include, but not limited to, increased youth employability, improved private/sector collaboration, improving country’s economy through ICT effectiveness and support for ICT’s contribution to Kenya’s GDP.

Requirements for the ICT Internship Programme

Those wanting to apply for consideration in the government programme, will be required to prove that they are of the Kenyan nationality by providing a national ID card, prove they have completed their University degree through a copy of academic certificates and a letter of approval from the University, which must be chartered to offer the degrees.

Alongside the certificates, the applicant will need to provide an updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume, a passport size photograph as well as a certificate of Good Conduct, with a receipt being rendered eligible for the application process. Applicants need to have achieved a minimum of upper Second Class or a First Class Honors in their respective degrees.

In order to be considered, here are some required qualifications;

  • Have graduated with a BSc degree in either Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Information Science and Information Technology programs and their equivalents.
  • The ICT-related degree programs must have a focus in areas such as Database Management Systems, Web and Systems administration, ICT security, Project management and networks and infrastructure
  • A reasonable understanding of all facets of ICT and its role in service delivery
  • Possess skills in innovative thinking and show promise in leadership and management
  • Appreciate the country’s cultural diversity and demonstrate a desire to work in public service as well as a passion for ICT.

Kenyans can visit the program’s website for more information on the Presidential Digitalent Programme and also to find out more about how the internship will be spread out over the 12 months.



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