Samsung Smart TVs Get New Year Upgrade With Tizen OS

Samsung Smart TVs To Run Tizen OS

Samsung Electronics is gearing to introduce its first batch of Tizen-Powered Smart TVs to the world in the coming week, promising to offer users a more integrated home entertainment experience with more options that before.

Tizen is an operating system by Samsung that has been built for use on mobile devices, home appliances as well as digital cameras and is offered as an open-source platform allowing developers to create more content and offer users a redefined entertainment experience that is without limit.

Since its introduction, the OS is currently incorporated in various Samsung digital cameras and some of its latest wearable devices, including the Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo smartwatches that are compatible with the Galaxy range of devices.

Now as a new addition to Tizen products, Samsung Smart TVs to be shipped in the year 2015 will come powered by Tizen, dropping Google’s Android operating system all together for all the company’s web-content Television sets.

Upgraded Features

The Tizen-Powered Smart TVs seek to offer better experience to users with faster and easy access to content with the most recent content and tailored content recommendations being displayed for the user on screen.

Samsung has also upgraded the system to allow for a more seamless sync to other mobile devices through Wi-Fi direct, which by one click content is easily shared between the TV and the mobile device, and through Bluetooth Low Energy the Smart TV software easily searches for a Samsung device for connection.

Users will now be able to watch live broadcasts and television from their mobile devices even when their TVs are switched off, as long as they are on their home network. The easy convergence will also allow users to enjoy a multi-screen entertainment experience from across multiple compatible devices.

Samsung has not forgotten the sports fanatics in the new Smart TV upgrade as it has partnered various global games for a wider variety of games through its Samsung Sports Live feature that allows users to watch a game and simultaneously check the team’s and players status on the same screen.

Also through another partnership with the Just Dance Now, a global dance game, users of the Samsung Smart TV will have a new way to have fun with family and friends as it allows for multiple players to participate by using either the Smart TV remote or compatible Samsung devices.

Announcing the new introduction, Samsung said the new Tizen Smart TVs would offer users more features and options than ever before. The operating system is however, only operational in Samsung Smartphones through the Samsung Z announced last year in June, a situation that may render the new move not as effective as the electronics giant expects.

Most people today are hardly at home and hence use the apps on their smartphones more than they would on their smart TVs and that is part of the reason why mobile technology is growing. This new addition may increase Tizen’s user numbers, but developers have expressed their worry about using the platform until it has attracted a reasonable user base.



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