Latest Alcatel Smartphone Features 3 Different Operating Systems

Alcatel Latest Smartphone Runs 3 Operating Systems JUUCHINI

Barely three days into the new year and anxiety is looming in the technology devices world, with industry players expected to introduce their latest products at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015  scheduled to take place next week from January 6 to January 9.

We already have wind that Samsung plans to officially introduce the all new Smart TVs running on the company’s operating system,Tizen, after it dropped Google’s Android platform, but there has been deafening silence regarding the expected smartphones until now.

Smartphone company Alcatel OneTouch has broken the loud silence with an announcement that it is set to introduce a new generation of PIXI 3 smartphones, which will feature capability to run on three different operating systems – Yes, that’s right, 3.

The manufacturer says the new PIXI 3 range of smartphones to be unveiled at this year’s edition of the CES will offer compatibility options for Google’s Android, Windows and the Firefox OS.

Customers will have to select the devices they want depending on size and connectiviy, as the PIXI 3 smartphones are set to launch in four different sizes that include 3.5″, 4″, 4.5″ and 5″, with all models offering support for 4G LTE except the 3.5″ model that only supports 3G connectivity.

With Alcatel OneTouch having made its name in the smarpthone market for its low-priced devices, there are no pricing details on the PIXI 3 devices yet, probably leaving room for a little more mystery into further details including, how exactly it is going to work with the OS capabilities.

The manufacturer reveals that the new smartphone will better user experience with an offing for a simpler cross-device integration between the smartphone and the home and office PCs.

Alcatel OneTouch is also set to enter the wearable tech space with its first smartwatch that the company says will be available at an affordable price. We will have to wait for more details about the two products for when they launch at the CES 2015.

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