New Messaging App Allows Users To Recall Sent Messages


How often do you wish you never hit the send button when texting or bite your lip in the realization that you sent a wrong message to someone or you selected the wrong selfie because you were not in your right state of mind?

Many times, I would think and I would also bet you tried to delete the message or photo in the hope that it was not seen, especially when using WhatsApp.

For iPhone users, it is all good news as there is a new messaging service that allows the user to delete a message from a conversation as well as retrieve any content that was wrongfully sent. Yes – people can now send messages to their contacts and take them back whenever they want.

Dubbed Strings, the mobile messaging service allows users to share text messages, photos and videos to other contacts on the platform and has been designed to  function just like WhatsApp and Snapchat but unlike the two, users of Strings will have full control of the content they share across the platform.

Sometime back Google introduced a Gmail service that would request the user to solve a logic puzzle before sending an email, in efforts to prevent people from sending embarrassing drunken emails to their co-workers. People thought the new service was funny.

I believe there is also a mobile app that works in the same way to prevent people from sending embarrassing texts and as so is Photo sharing app Snapchat, that allows a tight control of its messages and a self-delete function after a certain period of time.

Strings app, however, is now promising to revolutionize the messaging space by allowing users to remotely track their messages from their smartphones, and to digitally delete messages they consider ill-feted.

Here comes the best news that could see the app become a popular. While using WhatsApp, a deleted message is only unavailable to the user but is available to the contact you sent it to. Strings will remove a deleted photo, video or chat message from the devices of all the contacts you had previously shared the message.

Some of the other benefits of using Strings include;

  1. Once a user’s account is deleted, all the photos, videos and texts seize to exist on all phones and servers.
  2. Unlike WhatsApp that allows anyone to download a picture from a contact, Strings will require approval for anyone wanting to download or share your content.
  3. If another person takes a screenshot of your content, Strings app will detect it and suspend the person’s account
  4. When leaving a conversation, everything you said or shared is removed on exit
  5. Your Profile information is not public and just like WhatsApp, only the people you share content with can see it.

Strings app is currently available for the iPhone users only and will be enjoyed at no cost.




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