Huawei Joins Tech Players To Focus On IoT For Next Products


The Consumer Electronic Show 2015 (CES 2015) saw technology players show off their latest developments and new hardware and softwares that they believe will revolutionize the industry and bring an era where everything is dependent on the latest hi-tech equipment.

From new high-end smartphones, feature phones to connect first-timers to the internet at an affordable cost, new models of already existing phones to laptops and tablets featuring the latest specs and competing to launch the thinnest products in the market.

The event, held last week, presented an opportunity for tech giants to show case their biggest achievements of the past year as they lay out their plans and expectations for the new year, and Huawei Technologies was full of resolutions and pride over the Huawei P7 and Huawei Mate7.

Speaking on the two flagships, Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group said the high-end smartphones have become popular among consumers across the globe and the company’s strategy to focus solely on mid to high-end products had grown the Huawei brand and increased sales.

Huawei announced that on moving forward in the year, the company would be looking to strengthen its smartphone business and use its technologies to focus on developments based on the IoT as well as venture in car technology.

“Leveraging Huawei’s strong capabilities and advantages in mobile broadband connectivity, we will continue to focus on exploring opportunities in car networking and Internet of Things and strive to create better smart experiences through the integration of big data and cloud services,” Yu said.

According to a report, Huawei’s brand awareness rose from 52% in 2013 to 65% in the year 2014 with the brand recommendation value reaching 43%. All these credited to the company’s flagships, the P7 and Mate7 as well as the Honor 6 and Honor 6 Plus, all paraded at the event.

In addition to the flagships, which Huawei enthusiasts should expect to see more of this year, the Chinese company demonstrated its new strategy for the Hilink era that will be focus on offering mobile internet solutions to consumers around the world.

The Hilink solution is set to become the beginning of an era of the Internet of Things through Huawei products in order to address the diverse technology needs of consumers, especially in the age of global mobile internet.

Consumers should expect to see smart products for the home, to comprise media and storage, air quality monitor, smart sockets, infrared remote controlled light, as well as smart electric fan among others to come for improved connectivity.

Huawei, just like other players in the industry, will be focusing on the Internet of Things technology for its products this year and consumers should also expect more wearables from the company, in addition to the TalkBand B1.

And if you thought that was the only good news from the company, users of Huawei devices will now be able to take photos and share them without having to unlock their devices through new partnership with an open social platform to come to next generation devices.





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