Is Your Mobile Operator Giving You A New Reason To Stay


2015 was ushered with pomp and colour across nations, and with the new year came a list of promises by companies that they would work to fulfill within the year, in a bid to meet customer needs and of course increase profits. For mobile operators, it would also include the hope to grow their subscriber base.

MTN has made a resolution to provide Nigerians with unlimited Internet access to various sites that the company says “most people are not even aware of”, through a new mobile app by the telco dubbed My2015BetterMe.

Just like its name, the mobile app was introduced to help Nigerians share their 2015 resolutions, prophecies, must-dos, events, gossip, daily deals, fashion tips, healthy living among others. Typically, the day-to-day lifestyle of individuals.

By connecting more people to the internet, MTN hopes that the new solution will help achieve a better connected Nigeria with highly skilled professionals such as doctors, teachers, farmers, traders and students who spearhead the country’s development and well being.

The app, which is available to MTN subscribers in the country as a free download will offer three Better Me bundle plans; one daily plan and two monthly bundle options, and is the first step the telco is making towards seeing through its 2015 resolution to majorly focus on data and digital services.

“Today is the day you leave old ways behind for newer, smarter and faster ways. With the power of the internet to enhance your lifestyle,” Chief Marketing Officer at MTN Nigeria comments on the app.

Back in Kenya, Safaricom is full of good news for its subscribers as it hopes to retain its loyal customers as well as draw more people into the network for better financial results this year.

The telco has introduced a new loaning facility through its M-Shwari mobile money service that to assist smartphone buyers make purchases by borrowing money up to KSh 50,000 that will be paid within a period of six months. The loan is given after a 30 per cent purchasing price is made into the M-Shwari account.

Also from the telecom is good news to the Post-paid community as they will continue to enjoy the service that was scheduled to close this year in May, with registration having been discontinued since the same month in 2014. Now, in a bid to retain subscribers, the service will remain but with a few changes.

It has also reduced its roaming charges in a total of 21 countries across North and Central Africa, England and even New Zealand. To get more information on the specific countries and their rates, here is a breakdown.

I have not heard any wind from Airtel yet, on their resolutions to better customer experience and attract more customers, but the telco has made two new managerial appointments for its Africa presence by poaching from MTN and Vodacom, in the hope that new perspectives will yield better results from increased initiatives across the continent.

In Tanzania, Vodacom has introduced a new M-Pesa powered product dubbed bimaAFYA through a partnership with Jubilee Insurance for a health cover that the company promises will be affordable for the low-income earners in the country.

The new health cover will be used for in-patient, out-patient and maternity services through various affordable packs at premium prices that will include per month, every three months, quarterly and even yearly.

If the telco you are subscribed to is not giving you anything to look forward to in the new year, then you should be considering your options. Solely because, as MTN’s Bayo Adekanmbi says, new year resolutions should be about leaving old ways for newer, smarter and faster ways – in this case, a mobile operator to suit the customer’s every need.

So for Airtel, the pressure is on to give good news to customers, and if its allowing more time before telling Kenyans what to expect in 2015, then the telco should know that the clock is ticking. The first week of the year is already behind us and in a few more it will be past resolution making time, Airtel might just not make it to the checklist.


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