Microsoft Late To The Gold-Phones Craze But Still Determined


Though a little too late to the Gold edition mobile devices party, Microsoft has released new special gold editions of its Lumia 830 and Lumia 930 that will be made available towards the end of January and beginning of February, 2015.

The two new editions feature a Golden hue, which makes an entry for Microsoft Devices into the nearly two-year old golden phones trend adopted by manufactures in efforts to satisfy customer needs of wanting to make bold statements.

Microsoft has designed the devices to come in both black and white, with the sides featuring a gold finish to give the devices the high-end revamping that everyone will be looking for as a new high-end smartphone (to succeed the 930) from the company may take a while.

The pair were first introduced before the Phone division at Nokia was acquired by Microsoft making the Nokia brand name to be phased out on all Lumia devices to follow, like the 535. But since the Lumia 930 and 830 came before the acquisition, the golden editions will still spot the Nokia logo – in gold.

Going beyond the traditional bold colours that Lumia is known for (Orange, Yellow, Green and Red), the Lumia phones will come with the same interior hardware specs but will now be more stylish and sleek in the new colouring.

The two run on Windows Phone 8.1, Zeiss optics technology cameras – with Lumia 930 scoring a 20MP camera- and they are designed to integrate with Skype, OneDrive, OneNote among others, promising better viewing experience on the 5-inch high-definition screen display.

With optional wireless charging, the smartphones provide the Lumia experience on longer battery time as the Lumia 830 comes with a 2200 mAh power battery while the Lumia 930 spots 2400 mAh.

As Lumia enthusiasts welcome the golden editions to the party, and as already-Gold phone device companies pat Microsoft on its back for making it to the Gold trend, let us not forget the recently announced Nokia 215 by Microsoft Devices that promises to connect first timers to the internet.


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