The New Panasonic FZ-G1 Business Tablet Is More Rugged Cool


Built and designed to perform in any environment, this new tablet promises to provide an extraordinary user experience with enhanced data security and little need for maintenance. I am talking about the latest flagship from Panasonic that is set to disrupt the business market.

Dubbed Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1, the new tablet runs on Windows 8.1 pro platform and is powered by the latest fifth-generation Intel vPro processors that have been built to increase the tablet’s battery life by two-fold as well as allow for wireless connection to a display platform.

With a display at 10 inches and a long battery life that can be increased to up to 20 hours, the FZ-G1 has been optimized for business organisations, governments and large corporations as it promises to provide users with high-end security like the other toughpad family of tablets.

What I find cool though is not the tablet’s high-end specs – those can be found in any tablet in the market and maybe even much better specs, what tickled my fancy is the popular ruggedness of the FZ-G1 that takes its user appeal to another level.

Panasonic described its first generation toughpad – the FZ-G1 as “the tablet that dares to go where no tablet has gone before” and also goes ahead to sell it on its ruggedized features, just like any manufacturer trying to sell their products would do.

I have not come into contact with the FZ-G1 myself as it is still very new and not shipped, but like with any products purchased from just seeing them online, I could easily make a payment for the device without any regrets. I could even sign up for a device loan if I couldn’t afford it (the more probable option).

Why it’s the coolest tablet in the market

Device manufacturers are now focusing on design to sell their gadgets to consumers; new tablets are being made in sleek designs to feature the thinnest and lightest designs ever seen in history so as to compete for first position and in misguided (according to me) notions meet consumer needs.

From HP’s Elitebook 1020 to latest Lenovo Helium, light and thin are the new obsession in the mobile device world and no manufacturer is being left behind in the new trend, all working to become part of it. Panasonic, however, decided to introduce a different product that is heavy and not thin at all.

To begin with the toughpad craze, the FZ-G1 is an all-weather device that is designed to survive dust and resist water. The device can be dropped from a 5-foot distance, be poured on water (literally) and still continue to function without going off at any instance.

During the launch of Intel’s 5th generation vPro processors, I watched Tom Garrison, the VP and General Manager for Intel Business Client Platforms (through a webcast), drop the FZ-G1 to the floor, pour water on it and then lift it back up to demonstrate the features actually do work.

How cool is that? For a person who is always dropping things, spilling liquids and knocking off things that are not in view from my front, I would say it’s pretty cool and the tablet would be a perfect match. There would be no need to worry about dropping it or sitting on it.

Another cool thing is that a user can read from the tablet with ease under sunlight, operate the touch display of the device even when wearing gloves as it supports glove touch technology, allows for battery swap in use and comes with a 3-year warranty.

With new technologies focusing on today’s workplace, the Toughpad FZ-G1 is specifically designed to meet the security and usability demands of employees in the workplace to facilitate for better work focus to increase productivity.

The FZ-G1 may be heavy when picked up, but it is the coolest and most interesting tablet in the market that will not stress the user in worrying about taking care of it as it is designed to survive all kinds of environmental challenges.

Also introduced along the FZ-G1 was the CF-31 notebook, a powerhouse Toughbook that has been designed specifically for use in the defense industry and features Intel’s latest vPro processors as well as a long battery life of up to 18 hours.

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