African Bloggers Awards 2015 Now Open For Entries


Do you consider yourself to be of significant influence through your daily rants and posts on the social media platforms? If you do, here is a chance to contend for recognition as one of the African social influencers through the second edition of the annual African Bloggers Awards.

The 2015 awards are currently open to entries until April 9th, from anyone who considers themselves influential on blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and are permanent residents of any African country.

Introduced to cater for various categories that include Advice, Fashion, Events & Nightlife, Education, Technology, Sports, Politics and Gadgets among others, the awards decide on winners by using data analysis through measurable metrics such as reach, resonance and relevance.

Under reach, the program measures the size of an influencer’s audience per social network, Resonance is used to measure how widely the content that an influencer shares reaches outside their own community while Relevance measures response to influencers in terms of likes, comments and retweets.

For consideration in the awards program, entrants will be required to register their blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube profiles or a combination on a platform dubbed that is designed to quantify the three metrics to over 1000 active and legitimate followers.

With last year welcoming up to 520 entries from about 27 countries, founders of the annual African Bloggers Awards expect that this year’s edition will attract at least 800 entries from more countries across the continent.

“This year we are expecting to reach a collective blog audience of 60 million Africans,” adds Murray Legg, the co-founder of the African Blogger Awards.

With winners set to be announced on May 5, 2015 through the competition’s Twitter account, @African_Blogger, founders expect that this year’s competition will expose greater potential from African publishers that was discovered in the inaugural Africa Blogger Awards held last year.

Winners in each category are awarded or recognized as social influencers through a commemorative trophy as well as a web banner announcing their achievement, which can be personally leveraged through their social networks.

Last year saw wins from Kenya through blogs such as Niaje that won in the Entertainments & Lifestyle category, Nairobi Now in the arts, culture and events category, for the Niche Market and Xtian Dela for the personal category.

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