Airtel Kenya Upgrading Its 3G Network in 2.5 Billion Investment


More Kenyans are expected to have better access to the Airtel network on the 3G platform wherever they are, after the telco announced that it was undertaking a 3G network upgrade project, which will see major towns get access to better connection.

The project, which has seen Airtel Kenya invest KSh 2.5 Billion, has already completed the network upgrading process in all sites across the country’s second largest city, Mombasa as well as the town of Kitale, with works currently underway in the capital Nairobi.

Being carried out in collaboration with Nokia Networks, a specialist in the mobile broadband sector, Kenyans using Airtel’s 3G networks are hoped to be able to enjoy fast connections when indoors, a situation that continues to affect many households – myself included.

Using my Airtel modem to access the internet while in the house has been impossible as there is no 3G network reach and sometimes when I don’t have the very expensive and quick to finish Safaricom bundles, I have to walk out with my laptop to access the network. A tedious process I might say.

As I hope that once the project is completed I can enjoy being online at the comfort of my couch, Airtel says the upgrade will see the use of UMTS 900 MHz spectrum that is supposed to enhance indoor coverage penetration and improve data quality, meeting the growing demand for data services and catering for those taking up smartphones.

“We have invested 2.5 billion shillings in this exercise and plan to continue investing significantly in the network to provide our customers with the best possible user experience across the country,” said Adil El Youssefi, Airtel Kenya’s CEO.

Youssefi added that the project, once completed, would allow more Kenyans to take full advantage of what Airtel Kenya has to offer its customers across the country.

“With the network upgrade, customers will be better able to take advantage of services such as the recently launched Airtel #UnlimiNet, free Twitter on Airtel Internet,– free internet powered by Airtel and Facebook, amongst a bouquet of other data services,” Youssefi adds.

UnlimiNet service was introduced specifically for the Kenyan market to offer Airtel customers a more effective way of staying connected to their professional and social networks by providing data, talk minutes and SMS bundles to all networks through a subscription program.

November last year saw Airtel Africa launch its 4G service in Seychelles and Rwanda, making the two countries among the first in sub Saharan Africa to commercially deploy the 4G network technology, and now the telecom hopes that the upgrade will also act as a platform to ready its expected 4G LTE network.

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