Apple Watch Does Not Want Users Sitting Too Long


The Apple watch expected to launch in the market later this year in April, seeks to alert users when they have been sitting for too long in efforts to help increase productivity among individuals and employees in the workplace.

New technologies today are focusing on improving productivity by creating an effective and conducive environment in the work space through introducing gadgets and devices that make it easier for employees to stay alert and functional at all times.

Simplicity is the new focus when it comes to choosing mobile devices for individual use as well as for use in the workplace and Apple seeks to meet these demands with its new Smartwatch, through a feature that notifies the user when it’s time to wake up and move around if they haven’t done so in a while.

The Apple Smartwatch has been designed to tap the user on their hand when they have been sitting for a long time, just ten minutes before an hour is up, alerting them that they need to wake up from their chairs and do something different – and snap out of their laziness, in the case they were not doing something substantial.

According to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, “It is not surprising for Apple executives to jump up at the same time during meetings, that’s because they are all wearing the Apple Watch that’s nudging them for sitting too long.

So if organisations decide to take up the Apple Watch for their employees as part of improving productivity, they will have to get used to the idea of people always standing at the same time during meetings.

Announced for the first time in September, last year for availability in the market by early 2015, the Apple Watch is expected to start shipping in April and will cost the user at least $349 (about KSh32,000) – and that is for the low-end Apple Watch.

This comes after the company closed at more than 700 Billion Dollars in market value, becoming the very first company in the U.S. to hit that mark, a milestone that Cook believes will last a reminder and a reference for future growth.

Cook also announced that the company would be embarking on one of the biggest and boldest project ever; a 1,300 acre solar firm that will be used to power Apple’s headquarters, data center as well as all the company’s offices and Apple stores across the state of California.

“We know at Apple that climate change is real. Our view is that the time for talk is past and the time for action is now,” said Cook.

Cook has been known for being socially conscious as developments under his leadership have always focused on smart businesses that are environmental conscious and contribute to the growth of the society.



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