Uganda Now Enjoying 4G LTE Data Services Through Vodafone


Ugandans in the country’s capital Kampala and Entebbe will wait no more as they have started their  journey towards enjoying high-speed internet services, after Vodafone Uganda moved to commercially make available its 4G LTE services in the two regions.

With plans to launch in more regions at a later time, other regions will have to remain on the 2G and 3G services as those in Kampala and Entebbe start enjoying the benefits that come with 4G including, faster speeds, video streaming and unlimited downloads among others.

And in a move that is new for the Ugandan market, Vodafone Uganda has also introduced a new promotion offing for unlimited data plans for its consumers, both businesses and individual customers that will see users choose from either a daily, weekly or monthly data plan.

The offing, however, just like other promotions is limited for a set period of time but while at it, users will be able to enjoy unlimited monthly internet access starting from UGX149K9 (about $52 or KSh 4,600), with new Vodafone customers receiving one of the telecom’s 4G service at no cost.

For details on the promotional unlimited data plans from Vodafone Uganda, here is what you get for a daily, weekly or monthly access.

Vodafone Uganda's Unlimited Data Bundles

Also to come with the launch is a voice calls promotion dubbed ‘Talk is free on 0723’ that promises customers to deliver on free on-net calls on the Vodafone network, whenever a user loads airtime of UGX3000 (about KSh100) and more.

The telecom says the new move is aimed at improving customer delivery by offering what they want. “Customers say they have requested for the option to pay a fixed daily, weekly or monthly price for data without worrying about running out of bundles and we have introduced the unlimited plan,” said Jackie Namara, head of marketing at Vodafone Uganda.

With the telco saying its services are designed for individual users, small to medium enterprises as well as large organisations that want fast and reliable internet, the 4G network operates in 2.6GHz range and promises to reduce network congestion for its customers.

Back in Kenya, KSh 4,600 can only manage to get you about 8.6GB in data bundles (if not less and of course not unlimited) on the Safaricom network through which Vodafone group has presence. So, Ugandans enjoy the offer while it still lasts.

Kenya is still waiting for Safaricom’s 4G network roll out that will require customers to purchase a new 4G device to enjoy the service.

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