Kenyan Innovators To Be Rewarded In New Award Ceremony


Innovation is what everyone is talking about and Kenya is proud to be at the heart of all innovation discussions, with the country receiving a mention in almost all startup talks as well as listing in the most promising countries for investment.

With this trend, it is clear that Kenya has potential to grow and as technology takes a stronghold in the country more new developments are expected to pop up in a move to help solve major problems affecting the society.

This will mean new innovations will be witnessed in every part of the country, and though some might not be discovered until much later, they will all require to be spotted for scalability purposes into needy markets for maximum usability.

As we look forward to new innovations to cater for the now digital age, Airtel Kenya has partnered UP Magazine to reward existing innovators through a new award ceremony that is aimed at recognizing the creativity and hard work that is put into new solutions.

The award ceremony is dubbed Design Thinking or DXD (Disruption by Design) and will recognize innovators in various categories that include Tech Design, Gaming and Mobile interfaces, Communication, Architecture, Fashion and Interior Designs as well as Web Design and Product design.

Innovations will have to be interactive and useful in improving the lives of humans to a certain extent in order to be considered for the awards, and Green designs made to enhance and protect the environment will also be recognized.

To be considered for the DXD awards will be Kenyan citizens or residents staying in the country in the long-term, corporates with their headquarters in Kenya who have practiced design for at least three years, with honorees to be given for a body of realized work and not a specific project.

The DXD 2015 award ceremony, which will take place later in November, this year will start accepting submissions once the DXD website goes live in two weeks, with a nomination committee set up to select the candidates for whom to vote for.

There will also be a People’s Choice Award category that will seek to engage the public in the voting process, with further details on the criteria to be provided at a later time.

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