Google Search Results To Start Showing More Twitter Content


Twitter just got better, or is it Google that got better? Maybe both, depending on the angle you choose to view this new development. In a new deal inked by the microblogging platform and the tech giant, tweets will now start to appear in search results.

Yes, if latest reports are anything to go by, it will now be easy to find Twitter content as it will be surfaced on Google’s search results immediately the content is shared on the social networking platform.

What this will mean is that even those who are not part of the Twitter family, those who do not have accounts or are not subscribed to follow certain accounts will be able to find information emanating from tweets, directly on their Google pages.

The service is expected to become a reality beginning the half of the year, as the experts expected to make this happen are currently busy working on the backend nitty-gritties. This is according to sources; Twitter and Google have not made official comments on the development.

Founded in 2006, Twitter reports show that today about 500 Million tweets are sent on a daily basis, with the networking platform attracting at least 284 million monthly active users and growing every now and then.

Also, beyond the 284 million users with registered accounts, Twitter is grateful to those who use tweets from their sites on their own platforms, either on TV or other online and offline publications as they also account for quarterly impressions.

In November last year, Twitter executive said that these tweets appearing on other platforms that include apps not associated with Twitter and TV, or otherwise known as syndicated tweets, account for 185 billion impressions for every quarter.

This number should be expected to see growth as content from Twitter will now be readily available, without requiring someone to scrawl through a multitude of tweets and tweets to find that specific one.

User numbers, however, have experienced slow growth even as the company continues to double up on revenue. During the last quarter when Twitter announced 284M users, the number was just an increase of less than 5 per cent from the previous quarter.

It will not be a surprise if there is no significant growth in user base for its next quarterly report, which is expected anytime this week.

Twitter has introduced a number of features recently, including a video editing and sharing support feature for groups, a translation feature supporting the over 30 languages as well as the newest move by the company to sell ads elsewhere on the web and in mobile apps.

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