Airtel Money App For Android Is Now In Uganda


Airtel customers in Uganda are set to benefit from the telecom’s mobile money application for Android users, which allows anyone with the App to carry out a range of transactions from sending money to purchasing bundles by just navigating and selecting commands.

The Airtel Money App will be offered through a free download from Google Playstore and is focused at growing the use of mobile money to pay for purchase of goods or services as well as provide an easier way for smartphone users to send and receive money from their family and friends.

Airtel seeks to provide a more efficient and fast way of using mobile money through the introduction of the App in the hope of complementing the conventional use of USSD technology whenever a customer is interacting with their mobile wallets.

Every organization today is looking towards mobile payments, with the likes of Samsung and Apple also joining the industry to provide their own products to facilitate for quick payments by one swipe and in the telecom industry it is now more of a requirement, explaining the new development by Airtel.

This App from Airtel is a first in the industry, according to the company, and I would agree because I haven’t come across a mobile money app that will allow me to send and receive money without necessarily being connected to the network provider.

According to one user who has already taken the App for a spin, he was able to download and install the Airtel money Uganda application on his phone while he was on the MTN network and continues to say that he can transact using the app even when the Airtel line is off.

Sounds like just a selling point right? Well, apparently the Airtel Money App only requires you to be connected to the Airtel network when you as the customer are registering your account, after which users can continue to enjoy a range of services that include, buying airtime, sending money, making withdrawals, Pay Bill services, Buying goods and requesting a message detailing your transactions.

“The Airtel Money App gives our customers a wide range of possibilities; from giving their feedback to finding out more about the service. It is basically a one-stop platform for our customers,” says Tom Gutjahr, MD for Airtel Uganda.

Only Android users of version 4.0 upwards can access the Airtel Money application, with the company saying it is planning to launch a version for iOS users.

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