StarTimes Has Introduced 5 New Channels In Africa

Star Times Offers New and Exciting Content in Machakos County
Star Times Offers New and Exciting Content

StarTimes Media has introduced 5 new entertainment channels with a key focus on African content.

The 5 new channels include:

  1. iROKO Play
  2. iROKO Plus
  3. African Movie Channel Series (AMC)
  4. StarTimes Zone
  5. Sports Focus (A sports channel)

These new channels will feature exclusive African movies, drama, comedy, series and some good sporting action.

These new channels are a culmination of research efforts aimed at identifying content that Kenyans can enjoy and interact with as they will broadcast exclusive African programs thereby complementing the StarTimes Swahili channel that has proved popular with its local content. this is also in a bid to provide good programming at an affordable cost to the consumer.

Recently, the company secured exclusive deals to broadcast the International World Rally Championships, the World Boxing Titles and Germany football league, the Bundesliga as the battle for premium content rages on. We reported this on JuuChini.

The Africa Movie Channel Series is a premium African entertainment channel showcasing the best and award-winning TV soaps, comedy and drama from all over Africa, 24 hours a day. The channel will provide the full package of unrivalled top-tier Nollywood and African TV programming tailored to showcase universal African family values within modern African society. It exhibits African television series that is reflective of, and sensitive to the cultural heritage and modern lifestyle of its audience. New series will be introduced at least once every three months, so there will always be a carefully curated balance of modern and popular programming.

iROKO Play & iROKO Plus is the world’s largest distributor of African movies with a catalogue of over 6,000 movies and an audience reach of 10.3 million people, across 178 countries. iROKO Play and iROKO Plus will broadcast the most popular Nollywood movies and are expected to engage viewers like never before as 4 premium films will be highlighted each new month on iROKO PLUS while one premium will be highlighted every month on iROKO Play alongside three popular classic movies.

Another channel StarTimes Zone’s is mainly engaged in movies and series and is considered a general entertainment channel with 50% featuring Hollywood action movies and 50% being acclaimed Africa films. Consumers of this will enjoy a wide variety of talk Shows, Reality Shows, Kids Cartoons, Magazines and lots more  all aimed at entertaining the whole family.

The sports channel, Sports Focus short, mainly aims to provide subscribers with an overview of sport as a whole, while offering a glimpse of the content available on the sport channels in the premium packages. It will also bring viewers with a 90-minute sport news content block daily as well as sport magazine shows. It will allow its consumers to follow their legendary sport stars from Africa and all over the world on our sport news channel.

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